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Back, LIVE on TV as CTV The Social’s Real Estate Expert

Back again on LIVE TV as CTV The Social’s “real estate expert.” Best job ever. Always fun with these ladies! This time we played a guessing game with the audience as to which celebrities got more bang for their real estate buck when they put their house up for sale after living there. Would you pay more for a home if your favourite celebrity lived there before? Video to come. For now, here’s the read.

How To Read A Toronto MLS Listing (Need-to-know 101)

If the idea of buying a new home has flickered in your mind for even one brief second, you are no doubt familiar with Toronto MLS listings. Is there any better (PG) way to procrastinate than flicking through properties for sale, spotting your dream kitchen (Carrera marble!) and playing voyeur?

But when you’re ready to get serious, it’s time to look beyond the pretty pictures and start paying attention to all those words and acronyms. They tell you what you really want – and need – to know. Boring? Yes. Necessary? You bet.

Agent lingo

I can admit it: Us agents tend to be a little, shall we say, generous with our descriptions in Toronto MLS listings. “Condo alternative”? That’s a fancy way of saying “small.” (Ditto “cozy” and “cute.”) “Needs TLC” is the polite way of saying “tear down,” and “one of a kind” is probably not a good thing. (Endless exclamation marks just mean someone needs to switch to decaf.)

Yes or no answers

If condo maintenance fees seem high, take a look at the list below. If a “Y” is showing beside hydro, water, cable or parking, it’s included; conversely, an “N” means you’ll have to pay extra. What seems like a lot at first might be a steal.

Crack the code

Don’t gloss over things just because you don’t know what they mean. Key information is often hidden in acronyms. DOM, for example, means Days on Market; sellers might be keen to make a deal on older listings. Other common ones include PC (price change) and UFFI (urea formaldehyde) – a toxic chemical sometimes used in construction. (Gee, why wouldn’t they want to spell that out?)

By the numbers

Agents also have their own math: The first number in an equation is the number of bedrooms, the second number – well, that depends. So 1+1 means one bedroom plus den. But 3+2 probably means three bedrooms plus two shitty spaces in the basement.

Confused? Want more help understanding Toronto MLS Listings? That’s what I’m here for. When you’re ready to chat, give me a call at 416-888-1844 or e-mail

Test your Toronto MLS Listing Skills HERE.

“Pleasant, Simply Pleasant!” (A Lifestyle Film For 900 Mount Pleasant Road)

900 Mount Pleasant Road, Suite 902, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SOLD FIRM for $765,000.00 (over-asking in 7 days for 105% of list price)

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing….or maybe a secret spy with swagger and style and in need of a home to match, this property at 900 Mount Pleasant Road is the perfect place for anyone who wants to have it all in the city. Shot entirely on location and in the Yonge, Mount Pleasant and Eglinton area of Toronto, Canada.

More at

Wheel You Buy Me? A Lifestyle Film for 230 King Street East # 909 | SOLD!!!!

As a former Discovery Channel producer, I utilize well-produced video and story lines to market my listings as a home and lifestyle rather than just another condo or house.

Suite 909 at 230 King Street East by Toronto Realtor Karyn Filiatrault. Buy your baguette and fresh Ontario produce IN THE CITY and walk or ride it home. Believe it because it’s possible (and affordable) at this amazing condo.

SOLD FIRM, highest price per square foot EVER in C08 (at time/date of sale)


Why Ex-TV Producers Like Karyn Filiatrault Make The Best Realtors

A great Realtor is more than just a slick business card and a suit. They’re more than a couple years selling something, more than great with numbers, and more than knowledgable about a few different neighbourhoods. They are extraordinary communicators; able to connect well with clients, trades, the Realtor on the other side of the table and most importantly, warm the heart of the buyer or seller that needs to be sold to. They also extraordinarily creative because if they aren’t marketing their client’s listing for sale in a more effective way than the next guy’s, the client’s aren’t getting as much.

I have an advantage in the industry of real estate here in Toronto. I have as much sales experience as the last guy having sold 100′s of thousands of dollars in advertising to the CEOs and Chairmen of the most high-ranking oil companies in the Middle East. But I also have a degree in Radio and Television, at a school that turns away 9 out of 10 applicants. And with that degree, I earned myself 8 years of being tasked with the responsibility of producing video that one of the most established networks in the world would consider worthy of airing. My advantage is that I’m outstandingly creative and use unordinary video to sell.

The power of video is extraordinary. Did you know that 90% of buyers flock to the internet when they are considering the purchase of real estate?? Buyers want visuals of what’s out there. They want professional photography of inside the unit and more and more people are looking around to see if a slideshow or even better, a video is out there to really let them see the space.

It’s an expensive endeavour to do what I do but it sells my clients properties quickly and for unimaginably higher prices. At my dime I hire actors, producers and cinematographers to shoot a short story inside the home you are listing with me. A potential buyer who sees it, sees not only a listing but a lifestyle that they could have if they buy it. By the power of social media I push this out and get the property seen not only by those who see the link on MLS or who “Google” it, but also by those who wouldn’t normally be even out looking who see it in their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr or Instagram news feeds.

I guess any Realtor could do this, but what I bring to the table is creativity and ideas. I do not produce the same video twice. I try to push the envelope a little bit and make people say aww, or wow. I involve the mainstream media.

To learn more about how I would use lifestyle video marketing to market your listing, please contact Karyn for a private consultation.




Karyn In The Globe And Mail! Read the feature article!

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the editor of the Globe and Mail real estate section asking me about my “Karyn Filiatrault lifestyle video marketing” and why I believe it’s an incredibly effective way of selling real estate here in Toronto. To quote him, “I would LOVE to do a story on this!”

And they did – a 2 page spread both in the paper and online and a video interview with some of the lifestyle video I had produced edited in. If you missed it, you can read it HERE.

Perfect Men? Perfect Houses? Dating and Home Hunting Is All The Same Hunt

I’m a matchmaker. No really, I am.

Just like the matchmaker who pairs men with woman, men with men, and woman with a woman, my job is to pair my clients with the perfect property that ticks off as many of their boxes as possible.

But allow me to tell you a secret. Just like dating, most of the time that absolutely perfect man/woman/house/condo/loft fails to exist. In dating you might find a gorgeous woman but she’s a financial disaster. Or he’s oh-so-fine in bed but he’s not Jewish and your parents would disapprove. In real estate you might find a gorgeous house but it’s on the corner of sketch and even sketchier. Or everything about the condo is just right but it doesn’t have the pool you really, really wanted your future pad to have.

I always have my clients list out a needs list and a wants list before we start working together. (What a novel idea, huh? Not a bad idea to draft up while in the dating game, isn’t it?) Back to real estate — a needs and a wants list helps both you and I to prioritize what’s most important in your future home so we can weed out what won’t work, addressing the wants items separately and figuring out how we can add them in later, if they are not already present in the home.

I’ve seen clients with little tiny budgets and ones with huge budgets. I’ve been there myself and thought if I just upped my budget a little more than I’ll find everything I need AND want. Guess what? No matter what your budget, you’ll likely need to make sacrifices. And guess what? Ask any happily married couple and they’ll tell you the same thing. It’s not always perfect with this other person, but it’s also everything I need.

In summary: If you keep looking for perfection, you might just  be single and houseless for a long while.


Here’s your task for today: (do this on a Friday night with a lovely glass of wine in hand, because this exercise is fun!)

Make TWO lists. One is your future home NEED list and one is your WANT list. If you’re tech savvy, open up a PINTEREST account (remember to follow me) and go wild!

(As I instructed a client this week, your need list should be significantly shorter and more important than the want list.)